“We are excited about our partnership with Crystal Financial.  Crystal worked collaboratively with our team to provide a credit facility that met the needs of our business. Their commitment to understanding our business, coupled with their deep experience in consumer products, was instrumental in our decision to choose them as the lender we moved forward with.”

-Jay Foreman, Founder and CEO of Basic Fun


“We are excited to have Crystal as our financing partner. This new credit facility provides us with significant flexibility for continued execution of our growth initiatives into the coming years. Crystal’s creative approach, long-term focus and flexibility were the primary drivers why we chose them.”

– Andrew Coon, CEO of Capflow


“CDS represented an excellent opportunity for us to invest in the IT life-cycle management sector specifically third-party maintenance. The transaction needed to close quickly and required a lender with the ability to navigate the complexities of global operations in addition to understanding the technical drivers of CDS’ business model. Crystal is a reliable financing partner and we are pleased to be working with them on this investment.”

– John Beauclair, Senior Principal at New State Capital Partners



“Crystal Financial and Second Avenue Capital Partners are nimble, non-bank providers of debt capital, and they were able to meet all our requirements. Their extensive experience working with retail and consumer products companies gave us tremendous comfort that we’re establishing a long-term partnership with firms who truly understand this industry.”

– Brad Holtmeier, Partner, CriticialPoint Capital


“Crystal Financial was a reliable and creative financing partner throughout the process, helping to facilitate a successful transaction by providing the necessary capital to support our go-forward liquidity needs. We appreciate their hard work and dedication, as well as their continued belief in the Southern States team.”

– Jeff Stroburg, President & CEO of Southern States


“Collaboration with our lender, Crystal Financial, throughout the bankruptcy case was a critical component of our successful reorganization. Michael Russell and the Crystal team worked tirelessly throughout the process to ensure that we had the necessary capital structure to support our go forward operations. We are grateful for the tremendous support from Crystal, without whose partnership and belief in True Religion’s prospects we would not be embarking on this exciting next chapter in the Company’s journey.”

– Michael Buckley, CEO of True Religion