Investment Criteria

Our Focus

We are a company focused on private, direct corporate lending. Crystal clients are both public companies as well as private and can be independent or private equity backed. We specialize in making loans to companies in situations that are not straight forward or “plain vanilla. Our borrowers have capital needs and/or financial profiles that are not a fit for traditional, regulated capital providers. Since we focus on term loans, we often partner with banks in providing a complete financing package.

Our Business

When our clients succeed, we succeed. Crystal Financial helps companies fund their growth and accomplish their goals. Our experienced team of professionals respond to our clients’ needs by being responsive, strategic and focused. Having underwritten over $ $4.0 billion in loan commitments to dozens of borrowers since our inception, the Crystal team focuses on providing value added debt solutions to companies across all industries.

Investment Criteria

  • Fundings of $20 million and up
  • All Industries
  • Sponsor and Non-Sponsor Deals

Investment Products

  • First & Second Lien Term Loans
  • FILO Tranches
  • Unitranche Loans

Transaction Purposes

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Growth Capital
  • Refinancings/Recapitalization
  • Restructurings/DIP loans

Underwriting Focus

  • Asset-Based
  • Cash Flow/Enterprise Value
  • Ability to create liquidity from non-traditional assets including:
    • – Intellectual Property/Brand Names
    • – Recurring Revenue Streams