“We are very pleased with our relationship with Crystal. They took the time to understand our unique business model and provided a very attractive structure. Crystal continues to be a very supportive and flexible partner.”

—Larry Bartlett, Vice President - Finance, TRI Ventures, Inc

“At CARite we are focused on making the car purchasing process a better experience through great selection, transparent pricing and multiple financing options.  At this important juncture in our Company’s history, it was critical that our first institutional debt capital partner understand our business and our goals.  Crystal’s extensive underwriting expertise in the specialty finance sector in addition to their creative structuring approach set them apart as we considered various options.  Finally, the inclusion of a delayed draw facility as part of the overall commitment will allow us to continue to expand our lease financing business with certainty. ”

- John Neary, CEO, CARite


"We are excited to have Crystal as our financing partner. This new credit facility provides us with significant flexibility for continued execution of our growth initiatives into the coming years. Crystal’s creative approach, long-term focus and flexibility were the primary drivers why we chose them."

—Andrew Coon, CEO of CapFlow Funding

“Crystal Financial has worked hard to develop a financing package that meets the needs of easyhome. The new term loan will allow us to capture more of the demand for alternative sources of consumer financing in the Canadian marketplace and continue growing our financial services businesses.” 

—Steve Goertz, Chief Financial Officer


"We needed a financing partner with prior experience in our industry, who would understand and value our track record, to provide a facility that would generate maximum levels of liquidity and fund our growth. There is no question that Crystal Financial’s Chris Arnold and the team distinguished themselves very quickly and executed a transaction that met and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to a long-term productive relationship."

—Jim Teppen, GCA President

"We are extremely pleased with the long term partnership we have had with Crystal. Chris Arnold and the team have a very in-depth knowledge of the specialty finance industry and their thoughtful approach has made them a trusted and critical resource in facilitating our growth."

—Brian Markworth, Chief Financial Officer

“KPM is a demonstrated leader in the manufacture of analytical instruments for a wide range of industrial applications.  It made sense for us to partner with a demonstrated leader like Crystal for our financing.  Their structure met the needs of both our domestic subsidiaries as well as our international operations.  In addition, their ability to quickly respond makes them a great resource for the additional acquisitions we plan to pursue.”

- Chris McIntire, CEO of KPM.

“The professionals at Crystal are well known for their expertise in financing retailers and providing financing structures that meet the complex needs of our industry.  They demonstrated a quick understanding of our history and operating model, and we are confident they will be a strong partner in helping us achieve our current objectives.”

- Lee Aaronson, President and CEO of Lacks.

“Crystal quickly differentiated itself as a provider of creative solutions and delivered a financing that met all of our objectives.  The Crystal team was effective in determining an appropriate debt structure and focused on the timely execution of our deal.  We are excited to be working with them.”

- Bob Winneg of New England Capital Partners, owner of NELS

“We believe there are ample opportunities to make attractive investments in this market. Yet our ability to do so is, in part, dependent on a financing partner that understands our investment thesis and vision.  Crystal Financial took a thoughtful approach to generate liquidity from our portfolio companies and created a loan structure designed to provide us with both flexibility and access to capital for future acquisitions,”

- Greg Baxter, Executive Chairman, SDOI

Standard Diversified

“A core component of our investment thesis is to consolidate this highly fragmented industry and therefore having a reliable source of capital to facilitate acquisitions is critically important.  Crystal differentiated themselves and stepped up to execute this financing in a very expedited time frame.  We are excited to be working with a group of such high caliber professionals,”

- Bill Overbay, Partner, Stone Road Capital Partners

“The refinance of term debt with Crystal in concert with our new revolving credit facility provides us with the optimal capital structure to continue to execute our strategic objectives and drive long term growth in our business.  The Crystal team was both highly professional and very knowledgeable about our industry.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

- David Stefko, EVP, Chief Financial Officer of Vince